Speaker of the House Inspection Services offers the following tips about kitchen safety.


Never place or store pot holders, plastic utensils, towels and other non-cooking equipment on or near the range because these items can be ignited.
Roll up or fasten long loose sleeves with pins or elastic bands while cooking. Do not reach across a range while cooking. Long loose sleeves are more likely to catch on fire than are short sleeves. Long loose sleeves are also more apt to catch on pot handles, overturning pots and pans and cause scalds.
Keep constant vigilance on any cooking that is required above the "keep warm" setting.
Know where the "danger" items are -- medicines, toxic bleaches, oven and drain cleaners, paint solvents, polishes, and waxes. Look for items packaged in child-resistant containers. Don't leave them under a sink or in plain view in a garage -- lock them away in a secure place, out of a child's sight and reach.

The Speaker Says